Who’s Coming ?

Not sure if this is the right way to do this but I’m ( Rick ) creating a page devoted to simply a list of who’s coming so I can easily keep note of numbers.

I’m putting your name here if I’ve had an e-mail from you and put you into a group that I think reflects your status about coming. If I’m wrong or you want to change it please leave a comment to that effect.Also when you know where you are staying it would help me to know , particularly the numbers who want to camp.


BAKERS.                 Friend/ Partner/ Chauffeur       B&B or ?


Joe  ( Firebeard )

Ben                                                  and Bike

Robin  ( Irvine )



Jay                                                               Gill

Victoria Osborne

John Eilbeck

Adam ( hill bakery)


Tom ( Friday night/ Saturday )


Mick ( Bethesda )        Representing North Wales

Rick   ( Mair’s Bakehouse ) representing West Wales, with Maggie, ( keeping him in order )


15 Responses to Who’s Coming ?

  1. I should be able to confirm by the end of the week (31st) Vix (Victoria Osborne)

  2. Vix Osborne says:

    Sorry to keep you waiting but I am happy to confirm that I can come after all. Will bring a tent (or sleep in the car) and hope to arrive latish Friday evening. Look forward to more info in due course…

  3. Brad says:

    Looks like I will have to bow out. I very much regret not being able to attend. Hopefully, next year, without fail!

  4. Just to let you know. We are hoping to be there but I am still recovery from a bout of shingles and my energy for baking still needs a massive boost! Please keep us on the reserve list and if you get booked up we will bow out. Thanks
    Diana and Vic.
    P.S. we will be in our camper van. Otherwise known by last year,s bakers as ‘the magic van’, full of all the extra little ingredients not in Brad’s kitchen!

  5. bakingben says:

    Hope to arrive around 4pm on the Friday and leave Monday morning.
    it would be great to try some of your bread Rick but you might not have baked for a few days.

    • moonbake1 says:

      Hi Ben,
      Am doing a market that morning so am baking Thursday night so there may be some of our bread left for you to ‘suffer’ on Friday
      See you soon


  6. John Eilbeck says:

    Plan to arrrive with motorhome Friday mid afternoonish depending on traffic. Looking forward to meeting you all. Not sure yet whether I will need to leave Sunday afternoon (family commitments) or whether I can stay until Monday morning.. if Monday I am happy to help with any clearing up

  7. moonbake1 says:

    That’s fine John, have just e-mailed you some more info,
    looking forward to meeting you

  8. bakingben says:

    Hi Rick
    In answer to your question to campers in the information sheet my tent is very small so I won’t need much space.

  9. The Hill Bakery says:

    Hi Rick – am planning to arrive mid to late Friday afternoon, and can stay till Monday morning to help with clearing up. My tent, like Ben’s, is barely bigger than me, so v little space required. Thanks for the detailed directions – hopefully I’ll manage to follow them successfully! Looking forward to it immensely.

  10. moonbake1 says:

    Look forward to seeing you both Friday

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