We are based in West Wales near the village of Cwmduad.

It’s about 12 miles north, of Carmarthen. The nearest train station is at Carmarthen. There is a bus from there to the end of our road but these buses are a bit unpredictable, so let us know if you are coming by train and if possible  we’ll either try and get you connected with someone coming through Carmarthen by car or if there is a driver with time available we’ll try and organise collection from the station.

Coming from the North , Aberystwyth is the place to head for, we are about 40 miles from there.

If you have not been here before, or have and have forgotten the way, e-mail us requesting directions and I’ll send you one of our direction sheets.

Thanks Mick for the maps !!!


map 1gam_print_ordsvywat-sun-17192426674409