Event Programme

Here’s a ‘rough’ outline of the programme for the weekend.Nothing is set in stone but hopefully the following will help everyone plan travelling and accommodation arrangements.

We are a working Bakery so will be baking our last bake for that week on Thursday evening 29th May.

FRIDAY 30th May

Most of the day will be spent clearing up from previous night’s bake and setting up the bakery and house for the event. We will also be getting some food organised for the evening. At some point the oven will get fired.                                                                               You are welcome to arrive at any time Friday ( or Thursday ). If Thursday, we will be baking, so you will be welcome to collect water from the house , use the bathroom, but please excuse us if we are not very sociable on that day .                                                     If you are here during the day Friday your help would be appreciated helping us get everything organised.                                  Food , probably soup and bread, will be available from tea time Friday. ( If you are helping us on the ‘work crew’, during the day there will be some refreshments .

Friday evening we will start preparing doughs for next day and saying hello to each other.


Saturday will be spent making  bread, cakes, etc etc etc together.The actual timetable for the day will be mainly determined by when the oven is ready for baking.( Last time the event was here we fired the oven ONCE  on Friday night and people were still baking cakes on Monday morning) This time I’m planning on a second fire on Saturday night to give us a hotter oven on Sunday.The first ‘bake’ on Saturday  will probably be early afternoon.  People can start preparing doughs from as early in the morning as they think best.

Terry is probably bringing his mobile pizza oven so we will put that into action Saturday evening to cook our tea whilst our oven is being re-fired.Saturday evening we’ll have time to prep for next day and relax a bit.

Sunday 1st June

Much the same as Saturday , except I hope to have Terry’s oven in action as well as ours for baking.

You are all welcome to bake as long as you wish on Sunday. We will make sure there is a meal in the evening for anyone staying until Monday.

Monday 2nd June

We will need to get cleared up on Monday as our baking week starts Monday afternoon with an oven firing ready to bake Tuesday. We would very much appreciate help from a few volunteers on Monday to clear up. There will be some food etc for the ‘work crew’ but we will not be providing  any more communal meals after Sunday night.

I hope this outline is useful for people working out when to come and go, particularly for those of you who have not been before.

Rick and Maggie


3 Responses to Event Programme

  1. Vix Osborne says:

    Hi Rick and Maggie,

    Really looking forward to our baking weekend – I can’t leave Bath until 7 unfortunately so won’t be with you till quite late on the Friday night. So count me out for food – I will feed myself enroute. I will have a tent which I’ll put up on Friday night. Can you provide directions?

    Can you also clarify what we should be bringing with us? Should we bring all our kit, bowls, starters, ingredients etc? I am a complete newbie to Bethesda baking – how much do we bake, have you a home for all the bread? Shall we just make a couple of things each to take home? Is there a pub or shall we bring a bottle (or 2) or are you dry? Also, there was mention made of contributions of money – about £70 I think I remember someone saying. Do you want this up front or on the weekend? I will also have to leave on Sunday PM.

    Sorry to fire off all these questions but it’s good to be prepared, no?

    • moonbake1 says:

      Hi Vix,
      Am sending out e-mail later today to everyone coming with some more info which will answer all questions,

      Looking forward to meeting you


  2. Vix Osborne says:

    Sorry, just seen you’ve put up a bit about equipment so that has answered that query already 🙂

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