Baking Journey

Baking is I think a journey that never ends. There is so much to see and learn .One of the best ways to learn is by sharing skills/ ideas/ enthusiasm with other’ journeryers’
That’s what I’ve grown to like about the Bethesda baking events.
So I’ve put this page here to invite people to ‘flag up’ areas of baking that they would like to learn more about incase there are others coming who may have already learned a bit in that area and are happy to share their knowledge.

I’ll start things off by saying I would love to learn more about free form rye breads.


6 Responses to Baking Journey

  1. John Eilbeck says:

    As a newcomer to the group and a novice baker I would really appreciate some help from you experts. There are two issues that I struggle with (actually dozens but two will do for a start!). One is to do with my wheat/rye (80/20) sourdough. My dough is usually very sticky and tends to collapse. I have discussed this with Joe and we think it is something to do with the acidity or quantity (or quality!) of my starter. Anyhow I would really like help with this. Also I struggle to make a really good baguette in the style of some of the better French bakeries.
    Looking forward to meeting you all and exchanging ideas.

  2. Hm, looks as if my reply got sucked out into the ether and will never be seen again. Anyway, I was just saying that I’d be very happy to have a go at free-form rye breads, as mine always turn out like frisbees, and that I’ve got some good baguette recipes for John, which I’ll try and remember to bring along with me.
    Looking forward to it!

    • moonbake1 says:

      Great Adam that you are coming. We can make some Rye Frisbees together !!!!!

      Do you know when you will arrive ?

      See you soon


      • The Hill Bakery says:

        Sorry Rick, only just seen this – have just posted my arrival info on the Who’s coming page … OK, rye frisbees it is!

  3. firebeard says:

    Rick I would love it if you would do a demonstration on shaping bread. Every time I watch you shaping a little bit more sinks in and I improve the way I work.

    Mick it would be great if you would get me started on rye breads. I was looking forward to learning about rye breads from you at Carnarvon but as things worked out we were busy playing with other things.


  4. moonbake1 says:

    Joe, Thanks for the request I ‘ll be more than happy to demonstrate hoe I shape doughs

    see you soon


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