Baking Ingredients

It would help to have some ideas of the sort of ingredients you would all like available for baking. ( No Joe I’m not going to order a shipment of cream eggs!!!!!! )
Am planning to introduce you to a different flour to the one I use and we used last time here.
I have spoken with Michael Stoate at Cann Mills and he has agreed to give us a good discount price. His flour is stoneground. A lot of it English , but he also adds Canadian to some to get a strong flour.Anyway look on his site and let me know what you think. He is a very experienced miller and does sell on-line if you should find you like the flour.His mill is also home to Paul Merry’s baking classes.

LIST Requested so far:

Sunflower Seeds
Walnut Pieces
Dark Rye
Whole Rye Grains
Cut Rye Grains


6 Responses to Baking Ingredients

  1. rowmarcus says:

    I’d like to try baking some guinness vollkornbrot, so guess I’d need to cut rye grains, some whole rye grains, some dark rye, a few sunflower seeds.
    Also thinking of a walnut bread, so a few walnut pieces if possible please.


  2. John Eilbeck says:

    I guess sesame seeds will be available? Not a load – just for coating outside (bread not bakery!)

  3. moonbake1 says:

    Yes John sesame seeds available, looking forward to meeting you

  4. Vix Osborne says:

    Be great to try a bit of Spelt – Cann mills have it in smallish bags.

  5. moonbake1 says:

    Hi Vix,
    Have got some in stock , stoneground .Welcome to use it. Spelt is going to be hard to come by very soon as German merchants have bought up most of the remaining grain on the market. Will need to wait for next harvest. Price of what is available has just gone through the roof.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon

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