Fancy a Challenge?

Really looking forward to meeting up at Rick’s in two week’s time.

How about having a go at this when we’re there. Comes from a guy called Steve Scott of Babette’s Artisan Bread, Denver, Colorado:

Grain de Lin
AP Unbleached Flour  60.0%  (hard winter wheat 11.7% protein, malted)
Type 65 Flour  40.0% (hard winter wheat 12.7 protein, 0.67% ash, malted)
Wholemeal Starter  10.0% (@100% hydration)
Water  110.0%
Salt  2.6%
Soaker  40.0%

Water & Golden Linseed @ ratio of 2.33/1

Refreshment 12-18 hours
Fermentation 4 hours – 5 folds @ 30 mins
Proof 15 hours

Yes, that says water @ 110%. Sort the flours out will you Rick


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