Rick and Maggie Coldman are hosting this year’s Bethesdabakin’ at Mairsbakehouse  in South West Wales over the last weekend of May (30/31 May – 01 June).

This will be the eighth Bethesdabakin’, and the second hosted by Rick and Maggie. The events are not owned by anyone, there are no rules but are based on a few simple principles: everyone who comes is a participant (no observers), everyone has something to offer (even if that’s only inexperience and a desire to learn),  no stars (people help each other), shared catering and costs. Costs are likely to be in the region of £70, less for non-participants. Actual costs will be announced in advance of the event.

The weekend is open to anyone but, for practical reasons, numbers are limited to 20 bakers this year. Partners/children welcome within reason but, please, no dogs – this is farmland.

Much more information to follow but, if you want to come, enter your details in the contact box below:

8 Responses to Welcome

  1. firebeard says:

    I filled in the comment box with a little message “Can I came please.” and sent it off. I just wanted to make sure I had done it right as it does not show up on the recent comments list.


  2. Hi Joe
    You are confusing your contact box with your comment box. The contact box should send information direct to Rick who will then scrutinise your application for a bit of oven space but this will not show up on the blog.
    On the other hand I’d better check with Rick that it’s working.


  3. Spoke to Rick this morning. He’s getting lots of enquiries via the contact box on the Home Page so it is working fine (you have no faith in my technological talents?). But he’s a busy boy. So don’t panic – he will get back to you.

  4. firebeard says:

    Thanks Mick one day I will be a technical whizz kid like you.

    Last time Rick and Maggie hosted the event we had an amazing weekend. That was the first of these events that I attended, everyone was very welcoming and I learnt a huge amount about baking.

    For any new people reading this we are a friendly lot if you can make it to Wales that weekend please sign up. You will be made welcome whatever your level of experience, beginner, keen amateur or professional baker.


  5. moonbake1 says:

    Thanks Mick for getting this blog page sorted . I’m begining to learn how to enter up info.
    We are really looking forward to baking with everyone. I’ve entered up some info on places to stay, and I’d encourage people to book up somewhere soon as that week could get busy around here and there are not many places to stay
    Rick and Maggie

  6. Blimey, there’s something a bit scarey about a technologically proficient Rick. I reckon he had help.

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